Saying goodbye

We've enjoyed the sharing the seasons of life with you. As we enter a new season, after blogging for over 16 years, we're journeying on in a quieter way.

Although our content is no longer online, we want to say thank you for reading over the years.


The Goodwins

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Jenilee Rachel Coaching

Where is Jenilee? 

She's starting something new! With life coaching certifications, plus her years of ministry experience, the next step is building a coaching network to help people in new ways.

For help with moving overseas, homeschooling, parenting or other topics from Jenilee, you can find her writing and coaching on her new website. 

Coaching opportunities for anyone starting the process of moving overseas, how to pack, experiencing culture shock, unknowns of overseas life, or just having someone to talk to who understands the complicated journey of missions. Even member care staff who would just like to talk to someone who's been there.

Jenilee is also coaching for personal development, spiritual growth and many of the topics she's known to write about like family, homeschooling and travel. 

She'd love to see you at Jenilee Rachel Coaching